How to Integrate Free Download Manager with Browser

Whenever you download a file from internet it starts in your browser. Downloading large files in browser is not a thing any wise-man would like to do! Why is that? Because there are a lot more chances for download top get failed. We can never rely upon downloading through browser! But there is no problem […]

Fix Http 403/404 Error in Free Download Manager

Hi, Did you also receive Http 403/404 Error on your download in Free Download Manager? No need to worry in this tutorial you will know how you can solve the error and also resume the download where it messed up! So let us start the process! Watch Video. Free Download Manager Free Download Manager is […]


This is a scheme of earning cash right from the comfort of your homestead. You don’t have to actively do to work. Still, you can use online apps to execute this fantastic experience. Imagine waking up to a text from bank accounts that money was deposited in it. What could sound better than that? Have […]

How to get out of Debt: Effective Strategies

There are various ways in which a person can get out of the most stressful moments of their life; being in debt. This is a situation in which an individual has no option but to feel the depth of owing an individual or organization money. However, there are ways to evade that predicament, and the […]