Fix Http 403/404 Error in Free Download Manager

Fix Http Error 403/404 in Free Download Manager

Hi, Did you also receive Http 403/404 Error on your download in Free Download Manager? No need to worry in this tutorial you will know how you can solve the error and also resume the download where it messed up! So let us start the process! Watch Video.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a free software by which you can download different type of files at a very high speed. This software is the best free alternative to Internet Download Manager. Free Download Manager allows to download normal files, torrent files and it can also download YouTube Videos! It can also download entire YouTube Playlist at once which makes this free software best of its competitors. Download Free Download Manager.

Why does Http Error Come?

You will be thinking why does that error come to your downloads? Http 403/404 Error occurs when you loose your internet connection or your computer shut downs suddenly and Free Download Manager looses the host from where it was receiving the data. Amazing is that a new link can fix that http 403/404 error and steps are listed below!

http error 403/404 free download manager
Http Error 404/404 Free Download Manager

1. Find New Download Link

So it all starts from a new download link. Now your question will be where can we get a new download link? No Worries! Here is how you can find the Download link.

  • Go to History and find the Website from where you downloaded the file.
  • Download the file again and you will have a new link.
  • When the download starts in your Browser.
  • Hold Ctrl and Press J to open downloads.
  • Right click on the downloading file and Click Copy Link Location.

2. Add New Link in Free Download Manager

When you have the new link then you will have to add that link in Free Download Manager because that is the only way you can fix Http 403/404 Error came on your download. Here is how you do that!

  • Launch Free Download Manager.
  • Click on the “+” Icon.
  • Now Paste the link here and Click Continue.

3. Resume Option will Pop-up

When you will add the new link Free Download Manager will detect the new link and will ask you to resume the unfinished download. Because new link will active the connections with the host from where you were receiving the data.

  • Click on Resume.
  • Your Download will be resumed!

Watch Video

I have also uploaded the video on YouTube which tells the same thing you have learnt here to fix Http 403/404 Error in Free Download Manager. If you are a visual learner then you should watch this video!

How To Fix HTTP 403 Error in [Free Download Manager] HTTP 404/410 |Moiz

Not Worked?

This method may not work for you if you are using Google Drive to download the file. It does not work for some websites because either they provide the different link every time or some links get expired after some specific time but for most of the users it will work as you can see the comments on the video which is shown above this paragraph.

Final Words

This is how you can fix Http 403/404 Error from your Downloads in free Download Manager. This is a very simple process and it hardly takes a minute to fix Http 403/Error in FDM.

Author Message

If you have integrated Free Download Manager with your Browser then you do not have to copy the link to fix Http 403/404 Error in Free Download Manager. Because if Free Download Manager is integrated with browser it Automatically captures the download links.

Here is How You can Integrate FDM with your Browser.


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5 thoughts on “Fix Http 403/404 Error in Free Download Manager

  1. Dude,
    I have been struggling for 3 weeks day&night trying to download my FUCKING FACEBOOK MESSENGER ARCHIVE!

    I have tried every GOD DAM download manager I can find, they ALL SUCK BALLS!

    The only one that would even properly intercept the link and begin downloading the 4GB ZIP file was FDM, but of course it always crashed with the 404 erreor!

    When I found your website and you post above I was excited, I have not slept in 2 days still trying to figuer this shit out, I need that data it has financial figures in it I need to do my budget and get bills paid!

    Your post above was great to read, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK ANYTHING CLOSE TO YOUR EXPLANATION!

    1. When I click the download link again, it does not start the download new in the browser, it starts it as a new item in the Free Download Manager, and it has the same exact link address as the item below it which failed. Still, even at this time, I can pause and restart the new second download that started over again, but trying to restart the old one that I need wil not restart, even after copying the same / new link URL into it

    2. I dont know what planet you got your FDM from, but there is not any RESUME button or option in any toolbar, menu or button on any window in that program.

    After right clicking on the fucked off download instance and choosing CHANGE URL, a window opens with a text box whose text is selected and is the original link URL that failed! After pasting the new but idenical URL link text over the old one, there is a CANCEL and OK button.

    The whole entire proram has no resume button anywhere, so you must be running the versuion from outer space, that I didn have access to.

    I am running Version (41fbb26)

  2. Hi, I’ve a problem with a stopped download from Drive Google (Http 403 error) that FDM can’t get to resume (I did the ‘change URL link’ too) and unfortunately you’re confirming there’s no way to resume the original uncompleted downloaded file.
    Actually FDM starts and creates a new file with a (1) after the file name (before the extension).

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